How a Casino In Jamul Will Forever Change This Rural Community

By Michael Casinelli – from September 2013 Some of you might know me, as I am in my second term as one of your elected members of the Jamul Dulzura Community Planning Group. However, this communiqué is strictly my personal comments and views. I am writing this article because I … Continue reading

JAC/San Diego County Lawsuit Against Caltrans

JAC/San Diego County Lawsuit Against Caltrans Update December 2014 No information on hearing date. Update November 11, 2014 Appeal Filed. Update: September 11, 2014 The Jamul Action Committee (JAC) is disappointed to learn of the ruling, which was announced today by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Kenny. The court refused to … Continue reading

JAC vs CA Wildlife Conservation Board

JAC vs CA Wildlife Conservation Board Update: December 2014 Case was dismissed by Judge Kenney. Appeal filed on December 17. Update: November 11, 2014 – Hearing November 14, 2014. Update: September 10, 2014 – Our attorney Steve Volker is waiting on the outcome of the JAC vs Caltrans lawsuit to … Continue reading

JAC/JCC Lawsuit Against NIGC/BIA/DOI

Jamul Action Committee (JAC)/Jamul Community Church (JCC)-Plaintiffs vs. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)/Department of the Interior (DOI)/National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC)-Defendants Update December 2014 Hearing date for second week in January 2015 Update: September 10, 2014 – JAC Amended Complaint Update: September 10, 2014 – FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) … Continue reading

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Tribal Money & the Government 2000-2012

Tribal Money & the Government 2000-2012 The individual links below will take you to each tribe information. Tribes that have a gambling casino, still receive and ask for money from the Federal government. Non-gaming tribes receive $1.1M from the gaming tribes in the State of California, in addition to Federal money. Before … Continue reading

SR 94 Improvement Project – Update December 2014

SR 94 Improvement Project – Update December 2014 Caltrans Environmental Documents SR 94 Improvement Project Environmental Matrix SR 94 Improvement Project Engineering Matrix Preliminary Environmental Analysis Report Project Study Report – Project Development Support Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment for the Access Alternatives Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment for the … Continue reading

Letters to Caltrans – Highway 94 Improvement Project – NOP Scoping Responses

Letters to Caltrans – Highway 94 Improvement Project County Supervisor Dianne Jacob County Planning and Land Use Department Jamul/Dulzura Community Planning Group Jamul Action Committee Deerhorn Valley Community Association US Fish and Wildlife Service California Department of Fish and Wildlife … Continue reading

Caltrans SR-94 Improvement Project – JAC

Caltrans SR-94 Improvement Project Questions and Additional Slides by JAC Download: SR-94 Improvement Project Slide Show (Click on slides to enlarge) Some Questions We Have For Caltrans. Slide 1 – Key Steps in Environmental Process Slide 2 – Key Plan Red Intersections – Not on Caltrans NOP to Improve Blue Intersections – County … Continue reading

Penn National Gaming Fined by Pennsylvania Regulators and Paying off Border Guards

Pa. regulators fine 3 casinos, including Penn National, nearly $300,000 HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Gambling officials have fined three Pennsylvania casinos a total of nearly $300,000 for violating state regulations. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board announced penalties Wednesday against casinos in Valley Forge, Philadelphia and Grantville. Officials issued a $200,000 … Continue reading

San Diego County Legal Counsel Letter to Caltrans Legal Department

San Diego County Counsel sent this letter to Caltrans legal. This is in response to a meeting with local Caltrans personnel, JDCPG members and members of the community. Caltrans stated they had “lot’s” of cases where they didn’t require CEQA for an encroachment permit to begin construction. Ms. Janet Mulder … Continue reading